May 24, 2021

One of the few fruits in the world with its seeds on the outside. The third-most popular fruit in America in 2019. Not a berry. The strawberry. Here are several strawberry-related items:

Freeze-dried strawberries. One of the most bothersome aspects of strawberries is how quickly they spoil. Enter the freeze-dried strawberry. Detractors may say that it feels like biting into styrofoam, but do not fear – familiar sweetness accompanies this initially unusual texture. Even better: chocolate-coated freeze-dried strawberries.

Strawberry shortcake. One of the rare non-chocolate cakes that I will gladly consume. Strawberries pair well with whipped cream and sponge cake. The more strawberries, the better. For something more substantial, substitute the sponge cake with a biscuit (US) or scone (everywhere else) (1).

Strawberry sandwich. Strawberries and strawberry cream in between two layers of freshly-baked white bread. A dessert disguised as a savory breakfast item.

Strawberry milk tea. Strawberries and milk are a great combination. Combined with tea, this concoction is sweet with hints of bitterness. Since it has tea, passably a drink for grownups?

Japanese strawberries. Amaou strawberries. Just expensive enough to make me feel guilty about eating them. Once you bite into an amaou strawberry, there is no turning back. Every other strawberry is imperfect – too hard; too sour; too dull-looking. I continue to eat normal store-bought strawberries, but each time, my mind can't help but recall the amaou.

Other strawberry-flavored foods. If it wasn't red, Would you be able to tell (it was strawberry-flavored)? Your eyes deceive you.

Strawberry game. A game best played with more than one person. In a four-beat pattern, do the following four actions: clap both hands on your legs; clap your hands together; make a thumbs-up sign with your right hand; make a thumbs-up sign with your left hand. To begin, say "Dal-giga-joh-ah! Dal-giga-joh-ah!" (2), corresponding to 8 beats in total. In the next four beats, one person will call out another person's name and a number from one to four in the following rhythm: "(clap)-(clap)-Jaesuk-4". Immediately in the next four Beas, depending on the number, the named person has to say "ddalgi" that number of times following this specific rhythm: 1: "dda-l-gi-i"; 2: "ddal-gi-ddal-gi"; 3: "ddal-gi-ddalgi-ddalgi"; 4: "ddalgi-ddalgi-ddalgi-ddal-gi". A person loses when they are unable to accomplish this. If they succeed, they can then call on a different person in the next four beats. Keep going until everyone is tired of saying "ddalgi".

  1. Depending on whom I'm talking to, it takes me a second to decide if something should be called a biscuit or a cookie or a scone.
  2. Ddalgi is Korean for strawberry.